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疫情笼罩非洲 中国人最安全(中英对照)

2020-4-13 21:05| 发布者: Africa| 查看: 17| 评论: 0|来自: 非洲华侨周报

摘要: 世卫组织于4月8日表示,非洲大陆确诊的2019冠状病毒病例已超过1万例,死亡病例已超过500例。虽然与全球其他地区相比,病毒在非洲出现的时间较晚,但最近几周以来,感染呈指数级增长,疫情正持续蔓延。WHO reported t ...
WHO reported that by April 8th there were more than10,000 confirmed coronarirus cases, more than 500 deaths in Africa. Though thisvirus raided the continent later than other contients, it has been experiencingexponential growth during past weeks, and is spreading quickly.
Coronavirusrecognises no political and national boundaries. It is the common enemy of allhumankind It won’t distinguish color or races. We need to beunitedregardless of the nationalities. However , some of western media, especiallysocial medias are spreading hatry to discriminate and passing blames, such asaccusing Chinese people as unsafe to be around due to the coronavirus. I wouldlike to use this opportunity to clear the air that why such rumors are wrong.In fact, the Chinese you see are precisely the safest group.
1 . 留在武汉以及从中国回来的所有非洲侨民中,没有一人感染了新冠肺炎病毒。武汉发现病毒后于1月23日开始封城,进入紧急状态。截止目前两个多月过去了,不仅仅是留在武汉的非洲留学生,而且留在中国的全部非洲侨民,没有一人感染了新冠病毒。所以,即便是待在中国境内,也是很安全的。(编辑注:数据截止作者发文前)

It is the fact thatnone of the Africans who traveled and returned from China were infected withCoronavirus. After virus was discovered in Wuhan, the city implemented lockdownon January 23 and the whole country was under state of emergency quarantine.Now, more than two months have passed, there’s ZERO african in Wuhan or inChina has been infected .

            武汉封城后,非洲在华留学生诺瓦丽留在武汉市区,得到了中国人很好的照顾/ During the lockdownin Wuhan, Novoli, an african student who stayed in downtown Wuhan was welltaken care of by the Chinese community.
2 . 留在非洲大陆内的中国人群里,没有一人感染了新冠肺炎病毒。即便以后出现了相信也是个位数,在非洲14亿人口基数里,基本可以忽略不计。所以,无论何时无论何地,在非洲,中国人群体还是最安全。

 None of the Chinese who remain in africaare infected with the Covid-19. Even if it does in the future showingsingle-digit cases, it is basically negligible from Africa's 1.4 billionpopulation base. Therefore, no matter when and where, in Africa the Chinesepeople are still the safest group.

3 . 目前传入非洲所有输入性病例,没有一起是来自中国。目前传入非洲各国的新冠病毒输入性病例,都是从欧美国家旅行返回后传入的.

None of the imported cases were brought in to Africa fromChina. At present, the cases of Covid-19 that havebeen introduced to African countries are all imported after the people returnedfrom European and American countries.

Analytical map of Covid-19import area to Africa
4 . 中国境内疫情已经得到控制,新增新冠肺炎病例皆为境外输入。中国政府带领全国人民经过艰苦卓绝的抗疫之战,境内新冠疫情得到全面控制,初步取得战疫胜利。目前中国境内本土新增确诊病例为零,新增新冠肺炎病例皆为境外输入。例如据国家卫健委官网消息,4月6日0-24时,中国31个省报告新增确诊病例32例,均为境外输入病例;无新增死亡病例;新增疑似病例12例,均为境外输入病例。

 Currentlythe epidemic in China is almost fully controlled , and all the new cases aremostly come abroad. At present, the number of newly diagnosed cases in China isalmost zero, and all new cases of coronavirus are from abroad. For example,according to the official website of the National Health Commission, on April 6China's 31 provinces reported 32 new confirmed cases, all of which wereimported overseas. No new cases of death. All of 12 new suspected cases were  from overseas as well.

5 . 中国控制了病毒这头怪兽,中国人知道如何来预防。从最初新冠疫情肆虐中国,到现在中国人完全控住这头怪兽,中国人积累了很多关于新冠疫情的预防、传播途径、发现、治疗和康复等系列资料和实战经验,特别是对于医疗条件相对落后的非洲国家,早期预防至关重要。对于新冠病毒,中国人最早与之开战,最早打败它,知道如何预防自己不传染他人、也知道如何预防自己不被他人所传染。

From the initialoutbreak till now , China has accumulated much experience on prevention,control of transmission, detection, treatment and rehabilitation. Such informationand practical experience can be shared to African countries and help them .

Weare expatriates living in Africa, but we treat it as our second hometown. Withprofound love to this land, I hereby make two appeals:
1 . 新冠病毒称呼不能污名化。2020年2月11日,世界卫生组织总干事谭德塞在瑞士日内瓦宣布,将新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎命名为“COVID-19”,这就是病毒的名字。新冠病毒发现于东方国家,由欧美西方国家输入非洲,当地人无论是见到东方人,还是西方人,都不能以国家或地域名来歧视性称呼。

Coronavirusshould not be used as a tool for discrimination. "COVID-19" as itsofficial name of this virus was announced by WHO on 11 February 2020. Thisvirus could have started anywhere in the world, and is a fact that currentlyall COVID-19 cases in Africa were brough in by westerners or local returnedfrom the west. It is inappropriate to name a group of people by a name of virus.


MichaelRyan, executive director of the World Health Organization's health emergenciesprogram, said on March 18 that "Viruses know no borders, and they don'tcare about your ethnicity, the color of your skin or how much money you have inthe bank." Giving an example of the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009, “Thepandemic originated in North America and we didn't call it the North Americanflu," he said, calling for solidarity and joint efforts of all countries.
Withthe spread of coronavirus and increasing cases, it is estimated that thegovernment will seek assistance from eastern or western countries on epidemicprevention materials, technology and prevention medical teams, meanwhileforeigners as well as their associations in Africa will spontaneously contributedonations, prepare medical supplies, stand up bravely with africa and fightside by side. If our local people use words or other ways to abuse foreigners,such acts will only damage the solidarity .
In fact, Africa is the region where most diseases andviruses are found, such as AIDS, Ebola, typhoid fever, cholera, malaria,tuberculosis, dengue fever, yellow fever; etc. When we name these diseases,none of us stigmatized the countries with the formulation of African countries+ disease names.
2 . 预防新冠病毒建议戴口罩。由于非洲继承了西方医学体制和卫生常识,同样认为口罩是重病以及医嘱时才需要戴的东西,“戴口罩就等于生病”,这一观念普遍适合于非洲。而在东亚国家观念里,预防新冠肺炎必须要戴口罩,可以高效预防病毒相互传染,同时也体现了对交谈对方的一种尊重。
Protecting yourselves by wearing masks. Consider the comparatively weakerhealth system in Africa , early prevention is extreme crucial. Africa has ashared belief that “Wearing a mask is sign of being sick ", But In EastAsian countries, it is important to wear masks to prevent getting coronavirusfrom others, which also effectively prevents the spread of the virus to others.

Countriesin favor of wearing masks, such as China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore,have seen epidemic under significant control, while countries in Europe and USAthat consider wearing masks ineffective have become new disaster areas ravagedby coronavirus. In particular, the emerging of asymptomatic infected people inturn verifes the urgency and necessity of wearing masks.

中国在莫桑比克公民免费为马普托市民制作、印刷和发放的预防新冠肺炎部分宣传页。Chinese citizens inMozambique made, printed and distributed free leaflets for the prevention ofCOVID-19 for citizens of Maputo.

WhenChina was hit first , without test kits or experience to begin , China wastedno time in identifying the pathogen of the virus , sharing the genetic sequencewith the world health organization , taking the most effective and strictmeasures to contain the spread of the disease, Meanwhile, all western countrieschose to ignore the warning from China , busy calling it a “hoax”, or spreadinghate and xenophobic attaches to distract from their own administration’sfailures . Most part of world had missed two to three months of precious windowperiod to prepare for their people and medical system. As a result, thecoronavirus is spreading worldwide without rest.



Tillnow the first wave of coronaviruses almost comes to an end in China , but thevirus is still out there, threatening lives in Africa. Facing this pandemic , destinyof different countries are bound together. Only by strengthening solidarity andhelping each others, shall we overcome it .